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Abstracts for July 14, 2015
Drones: The Sky is Only the Beginning
Search the Internet for "drones"; it can be overwhelming. As much information and discussion about drones that is out there, why aren't we seeing more buzzing around our skies? So how are we using drones? What's next? Last time we talked about the basics of drones. In this session, we'll take a look at what's popped up since last time and what's on the horizon for drone technology.

Presented by:
Aaron Lease
What's New With 3D Printing?
Six years into the home 3D Printing revolution, how far have hobbyist printers come and what's coming next? There are new materials, new players, successes, failures, and no end in sight to innovation.

Presented by:
Ethan Dicks
Oculus Rift Update: The Countdown to Mainstream Virtual Reality
When I last spoke at Arena Tech Night about Oculus's virtual reality headset it only existed as an exciting prototype with no anticipated launch date and no real competitors. Now, just a year later, we've seen Sony, HTC/Valve, and Microsoft all announce their own impressive headsets. And best of all, each of these products will be released by early 2016. In this update presentation I'll share details about the hardware, dates, and exciting new VR experiences that have been created. You'll also get the opportunity to try virtual reality firsthand.

Presented by:
Kris Schultz


Event Agenda for July 14, 2015

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